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Garbage Can Character

Your head is far too valuable to be left inside a trash can to clean.

Saves Water
An average homeowner can easily use over 30 gallons of water just to clean a single can. Our system only uses about 3 gallons to clean a single can. What’s even better is that our system has an on-board 3-Stage filtration system that recycles and sanitizes the water.

Environmentally Friendly

Our chemicals and detergents are 100% bio-degradable and Safe around children and pets.

Prevent Diseases
Bacteria is everywhere and can contain diseases. Think of what you throw out: Diapers, raw food waste (meat, poultry), Pet waste, etc. Our service eliminates up to 99% of the harmful bacteria.

Time and Money
Do you really want to be spending time cleaning your trash can? Save your money by not spending it on detegents, brushes, and water. Let us do the dirty work.

The Terrible Odor
Tired of holding your nose near your trash can? And why does it still smell after it’s been emptied? It’s the bacteria! With regular cleanings, we’ll keep the bacteria at bay and your cans will smell better.

Detours Pesky Insects
A clean can won’t attract any unwanted Maggots, Flies, Ants, or Cockroaches.

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